Jazz Fest Photos: Vampire Weekend, Irma, Boutte, and More

Last Sunday at Jazz Fest, Vampire Weekend looked even preppier than ever, and Eric Clapton brought a healthy dose of reserve in all aspects except his playing to his first set at Jazz Fest. Rodriguez, the subject of the Academy Award-winning documentary Searching for Sugar Man perplexed, and Chocolate Milk explored the '70s funk road less traveled.

Treme: Let's Make a Deal

This week's episode does what Treme was made to do - illuminate a fundamental drama that most of us face.If things go according to plan, most of us will not have to survive a zombie apocalypse and track down a devious computer hacker/killer? More likely: How badly do you want your dream, and what deals will you make to achieve it? Annie (Lucia Micarelli) approaches manager Marvin Frey (Michael Cerveris) and asks, "Where do I sign?" and the scene could only have played more Faustian if it was shot in brimstone smell-o-vision.