Treme: Let's Make a Deal

This week's episode does what Treme was made to do - illuminate a fundamental drama that most of us face.If things go according to plan, most of us will not have to survive a zombie apocalypse and track down a devious computer hacker/killer? More likely: How badly do you want your dream, and what deals will you make to achieve it? Annie (Lucia Micarelli) approaches manager Marvin Frey (Michael Cerveris) and asks, "Where do I sign?" and the scene could only have played more Faustian if it was shot in brimstone smell-o-vision.

Another Advance Look at Treme Season 3

Treme returns for its third season on HBO on September 23. This trailer suggests that Delmond (Rob Brown) is going to more fully embrace his Mardi Gras Indian heritage, that Janette's going to have heavy anxieties about starting a new restaurant, and crime's going to be a big part of the season. 

Here's the first trailer for the season.