The Waterboys Go on the Road for "Modern Blues"

The Waterboys’ music has moved as Mike Scott has moved. Since he effectively is The Waterboys, that’s not a surprise, but their music reflects changes in his life. Or, more accurately, it invites listeners to think of it in that way. Part of the gift Scott shares with the great rock stars is his ability to imprint his persona on his music so that it all sounds autobiographical, whether it is or not. 

A Perfect Day?

I can identify the exact moment when I stopped paying attention to Lou Reed - 2:40 into “Hello It’s Me” at the end of 1990’s Songs for Drella. The tribute to Andy Warhol performed by Reed and Velvet Underground bandmate John Cale ended with the line, “Good night Andy,” but Reed sang it “good NIGHT anDEE,” forcing it into two awkward iambic feet at odds with the sing-speak that had been his trademark throughout his years with The Velvet Underground and his solo career up to then.

America By Taxi

[Updated] It’s appropriate that Ezra Huleatt’s band is named for a mode of transport. The lead singer for Black Taxi stays in motion - just back from Burning Man before this conversation, just back from a month in Haiti before that, and though the band is officially based in Brooklyn, even that sounds provisional. “I’ve been living in Brooklyn probably five or six years off and on now,” Huleatt says.