Adventure Club is Committed to 140 BPM

After waiting over an hour to be taken backstage to interview Adventure Club, I received a text from someone who introduced himself only as “Shaggy.” He told me to meet him to right of the stage if I wanted a chance to speak with the Canadian producers. I pushed through an eclectic, neon crowd and caught the eye of a man with a thick beard and an electric blue hat with the brim bent up. Shaggy waved me in and we hustled to the back of The Howlin Wolf. I was then introduced to Leighton James and Christian Srigley, the technically gifted producers that make up Adventure Club.

Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds Fly South

[Updated] “For a while, there was actually a rumor going around on the Internet that we’re from New Orleans,” says Arleigh Kincheloe of funk-rock band Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds, laughing. “We would go to shows and people would introduce us that way, and we’d be like, ‘Well, uh, we’re from Brooklyn. Don’t know where you guys keep hearing this.’” Kincheloe is Sister Sparrow, a petite, feisty frontwoman with a throaty, soulful voice that could easily be mistaken as southern.