Midsommar Sacrifices Writing For Visuals

Midsommar is a beautifully stylized but standardly problematic slasher movie. In a time when horror movies are layered with more overt social and political commentary, and coming from the powerhouse production company A24, it seems at first as though Ari Aster’s Midsommar is going to attempt this as well, but falls short repeatedly. It is a movie that contrasts gorgeous, scenic imagery with gruesome violence very successfully and leaves the viewer intentionally nauseated.

Gramps the Vamp is Not Afraid

If you see Maxx McGathey, bandleader of Gramps the Vamp, walking around Chicago with headphones on, there’s a good chance he’s not listening to music. Or a podcast. Or whatever the kids are into these days. When the band was writing the songs that ultimately became their new self-titled album, McGathey roamed the streets, he says, “listening through hours and hours of old-time radio shows.”

The Walking Jughead

A year ago, I wrote about Afterlife with Archie and an episode that ended with Sabrina the Teenaged Witch about to become the bride of C'thulhu. It felt like a stunt to draw attention during the San Diego Comic Con to the series, which recasts the wholesome world of Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead as a grim, post-zombie apocalypse struggle. Still, there was enough to that issue--number six--that I went back and read the first five.