Motel Radio Goes to Work

Winston Triolo didn’t always want to make attractive music. It’s what he does now as one of the guitarists and singers in Motel Radio, but in high school, he was a Green Day guy, and his band at the time made a loud punk noise. Then, organically, his sound changed. 

“I grew out of listening to Green Day and learned some new music,” he says. “I found other stuff that I liked and preferred listening to.” 

Jazz Fest: The Mulligan Brothers' Conscious Engineering

[Updated] “I’m kind of a tinkerer,” explains The Mulligan Brothers' guitarist/lead vocalist Ross Newell. When the band (Gram Rea, fiddle, mandolin, viola, harmonica and vocals; Ben Leininger, bass and vocals; and Greg DeLuca, drums and vocals) decided to add an upright bass, Newell built one from two suitcases. “I woke up one night, couldn’t sleep, and started piecing it together and built it overnight, never thinking that it would become a road instrument.” He pauses as if reciting a legend.

Ivan and Alyosha Keep Spirits High

Seattle-based Ivan and Alyosha prefer optimism, four-part harmonies, and sing-along choruses. But there’s a realness to the band’s positivity. “We all deal with crap,” guitarist Tim Kim says with a laugh. “There’s a sunnier outlook if you look at our lyrics, but if you really dig into them, you’ll find darker material in there.” Ivan and Alyosha play One Eyed Jacks on Tuesday night.