Mary Gauthier's Making Connections

Mary Gauthier spent election day making jalapeno cornbread for a potluck of "left wing liberal people" to watch the election results. Gauthier lives in Nashville in the very red state of Tennessee, so she's acutely aware of her outsider status. It hasn't taken an election to bring those thoughts to the foreground, though. For the singer/songwriter who grew up in Baton Rouge, that sense of being unlike the others has informed her music. 

Crooks on the Run

Josh Mazour has a job in an Attorney General's office, but when I ask about it, he plays it off. As the singer and songwriter in the Austin-based honky tonk band Crooks, he's preparing to walk away from it to start touring seriously. So far, the band has largely played around the state, but it has a good new album, The Rain Will Come, a booking agent ready to put Crooks to work, and they're in the market for a van.