Tommy Stinson Now Sings Campfire Songs

[Updated] Tommy Stinson seems like he’d be happiest with a beer, a guitar, and blank sheet of paper for a setlist. Since his Replacements’ bandmate Paul Westerberg crafted lyrics as precise as the jigsaw puzzles you can imagine him reclusively hunched over, it’s tempting to attribute the band’s legendary smash-up derby approach to Stinson. His tracks on his own with Bash & Pop hang together with a Faces-like looseness, and he looks so happy in live videos when playing on his own.

Voodoo News: Ozzy Osbourne on His Friends

I haven’t found Ozzy Osbourne (Saturday, 9:30 p.m., Altar) menacing or scary since the early years of Black Sabbath. There was something slightly menacing in his broad grin and arch voice, particularly when paired with the relentless heaviness of the band. For most of his solo career, any darkness was mitigated by his legend, which became as heavy as Sabbath to pull around.

Japandroids Just Want to Party

The pop and fizzle of fireworks are among the first sounds heard on Canadian rock duo Japandroids’ latest Celebration Rock, an invitation to their collection of loose, frenzied rock ‘n’ roll anthems. At its core, it’s gritty, house party music, the kind of stuff that might earn noise complaints from the neighbors as 30 or 40 people crowd into a backyard to pay homage to drums and guitar.