The Lost Bayou Ramblers Make Cajun Modern on "Kalenda"

[Updated] It’s easy to hear why Lost Bayou Ramblers’ Kalenda received a Grammy nomination for Best Regional Roots Music Album. The album shows clear Cajun roots, and the non-pop music voters in the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences value roots. At the same time, Kalenda sounds contemporary—something the Academy’s pop voters love and can understand.

The Grammys and all Those Cellos

The Grammys are often dismissed as behind the times, and some of it is inescapable. All voting members vote in the marquee categories, so engineers, producers, liner note writers, album designers, members of the classical music wing, and everybody else who’s a member of NARAS gets a vote on Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Artist of the Year, and so on.

The Kingpin Celebrates 15 Years with Light Rock and Elvis

Fifteen years ago, I was part of a throng who helped open The Kingpin Uptown. Those invited to the opening night were asked to bring a CD for the jukebox, so I contributed The Best of Faces: Good Boys When They’re Asleep. It’s no longer on the jukebox—I’m not sure that anything from the original batch is, with the possible exception of a swamp pop comp—but the K&B Vitamin Center I also donated remains over the beer cooler.

Last Week: Kacey Musgraves at the House of Blues

Country singer Kacey Musgraves' debut album with a country music major label, Same Trailer Different Park, earned her four Grammy Award nominations including one for Best Album, one for Best New Artist, and two for Best Song for her part in writing Miranda Lambert's "Mama's Broken Heart" and her own "Merry Go 'Round." Critic Ann Powers reviewed the album for, writing:

He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister Is a Family Affair

Siblings and bandmates Rob and Rachel Kolar of L.A. gypsy-folk rock outfit He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister didn’t always agree on music. “I was into punk rock when I was younger, so I would blast bands like Rancid and The Clash,” Rob Kolar says. “Rachel would ask if we could we put on something else on, and I’d be like, ‘Well, this is my favorite band.’ She was into more mainstream music.