Generationals Are on Their Own on "Reader as Detective"

Members of Generationals have spoken in interviews about not feeling like they’re a part of New Orleans’ music community. That’s understandable. Despite the national excitement that 2009’s Con Law stirred, they have been largely ignored by Jazz Fest, Voodoo, and those outside of the indie rock community.

Generationals in Transition

Last year, Generationals' Ted Joyner told My Spilt Milk, "I can feel our stuff evolving, but I can't put my finger on what it's evolving into." Heza is evidence of that period of transition. "Kemal" has elements of "When They Fight, They Fight," but the girl group homage so obvious in the track from 2009's Con-Law is better integrated into the band's larger pop vocabulary.

Generationals Bone Up on Spinoza

Texture has always been one of the calling cards of Generationals, and the electronic sounds from last year's Lucky Numbers EP have given way to scrubbed guitars on "Spinoza," the lead track that doesn't obviously reference the philosopher in the title from the upcoming album, Heza. They still set their slightly anxious melodies against urgent, clicking rhythms, but this time that is played on a bank of strummed, almost scrubbed, guitars. 

Vox and the Hound Go West

“Between the five of us, I guess we do have quite a resumé,” says Vox and the Hound guitarist Rory Callais with a laugh. He, vocalist Leo DeJesus, and keyboardist Daniel “D-Ray” Ray take a minute to think before they tackle the full list. Between their own musical pursuits and those of bassist Andrew Jarman and drummer Eric Rogers, it’s almost too many projects to name.