Jazz Fest Preview: Rotary Downs Fights Complacency

New Orleans indie rock outfit Rotary Downs has kept New Orleans as a home base for the decade or so it's been together. Rotary Downs isn't chasing success but enjoys a solid local and national reputation, and the band has enough chops to regularly tour the country. After half a dozen albums, one could argue the band is resting into a familiar groove.

But it's wrong to call Rotary Downs complacent.

Thee Silver Mt. Zion Sidesteps the Spotlight

When buzz is capital in the indie music scene, it's hard for a band to simply exist without expectations. Those few artists who desire and manage to escape the spotlight usually see an inverse effect as mystery and anonymity outweighs buzz of any other kind. But for a band like Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra, or Thee Silver Mt. Zion, and sometimes just Silver Mt. Zion, staying right below the surface is just as liberating as breaking through or staying buried deep.

Down Yellow Brick Road with a Sunshine Fix

[Updated]This Week's Soundtrack on Spotify

1. "I'm Aquarius" - Metronomy: The English electro pop outfit returned last week with its fourth studio album, Love Letters, featuring this Zodiac-centered cut.

2. "Chemical Dizzy" - The Casket Girls: From the Girls' True Love Kills the Fairy Tale, the Savannah, Georgia, group plays Circle Bar tonight.