Mild High Club Doesn't Mess Around

“I’m not trying to soundtrack your fucking life,” says Alex Brettin, a.k.a. Mild High Club. “This is just my thing, and if you like it, hell yeah, I hope it’s inspiring, but if you don’t, fuck off.” This statement sums up Brettin’s marketing strategy pretty neatly. He takes his music seriously, and doesn’t have time for anyone who isn’t going to listen to it that way.

The Dodos Aren't Sure

“I was so stressed,” recalls The Dodos' vocalist and guitarist Meric Long. On a lark, he DJ’d at a museum event in the band’s native San Francisco, “and did the worst thing you can do as a DJ, which is have the music cut out.” But watching the guests meander, Long saw attendees were more focused on the planetarium’s spinning space bodies than his own rotating records, “which made it okay because then I was like, ‘Okay, they’re obviously not paying attention.’”

Last Week: The Eastern Sea Comes Clean

Thursday night at Gasa Gasa;The Eastern Sea put on a show that reminded people that a band's value is more than its recordings, radio single, or promotional buzz. It's not about what the band could be; it’s about the epiphany in a song's bridge and how the guy next to you dances with his shoulders and the lead singer's glasses, slicked with sweat, are about to fall off. It's about how these moments, stuffed with vulnerability and wild charisma, can never be replicated or exactly recorded.