Afghan Whigs Free Frank Ocean

The reunited Afghan Whigs will play Tipitina's October 19. In the meantime, they have a new song available for free download: a cover of Frank Ocean's "Lovecrimes." It's a great choice and a strong track that honors the unsettling nature of Ocean's song. The burbling synth under the intro ratchets up the tension, so when the Whigs' kick in, they have a lot of punch.

Frank Ocean

Last year, Frank Ocean had about as big a year as you can have without selling an album. His Nostalgia Ultra mixtape was among my top albums of 2011 - an album of romantically troubled R&B that was as current as it was unreleaseable due to numerous unclearable samples (Don Henley threatened to sue him for the use of "Hotel California" in "American Wedding," even though the mixtape was a free download).