Foxygen Are Rock Stars, Even if the World Doesn't Know That Yet

Foxygen mines its raw materials from '70s rock but uses it to make something beautifully irreverent and contemporary. On the new Hang, "Avalon" nakedly quotes ABBA without sounding even half as sanitary, perhaps because the quote sits next to Sam France and Jonathan Rado's take on The Kinks' music hall-era output. I hear Bowie, Rundgren, and countless others, but they make no effort to hide those sources.

The Bad Plus, KRS-One, subdudes, Foxygen, and the Facial Hair Battle

There is a lot to do this week, starting with Foxygen, who we're pleased to present on Monday. But the week also includes a subdudes reunion in honor of the late Johnny Ray Allen, soul singer Lee Fields, power pop hero Paul Collins, and the first Beard and Mustache Competition.