Guts Club Finds Her New Voice on "Trench Foot"

The one-line story of Guts Club’s new Trench Foot is that Guts Club goes electric. Lindsey Baker is Guts Club, and she remains an indie folkie, but she has traded her acoustic guitar for an electric one, and with it came a band. Despite those changes, the meaningful difference between this album and the ones before it is her voice, and perhaps because it is different, so are the songs.

Motel Radio Goes to Work

Winston Triolo didn’t always want to make attractive music. It’s what he does now as one of the guitarists and singers in Motel Radio, but in high school, he was a Green Day guy, and his band at the time made a loud punk noise. Then, organically, his sound changed. 

“I grew out of listening to Green Day and learned some new music,” he says. “I found other stuff that I liked and preferred listening to.” 

The Wooden Wings Explore Their Rock Side on "Ashamed"

Today, The Wooden Wings released a surprising new track, “Ashamed.” Since the band’s inception, Molly Portier and former My Spilt Milk contributor Cherie LeJeune crafted folk-rock songs with an indie sensibility. The core of their songs has always been their voices and an acoustic guitar, even when the songs were electric. “Ashamed” is a more physical track, and more immediate because of it. 

Win Tickets to See The Mowgli's

When The Mowgli's played the Austin City Limits Festival last year, Ramon Ramirez wrote:

The sunshine smile rockers are an eight-deep collective of roving salesman. They preach peace-loving values and travel with decorative dogs. It's Prius rock with unlimited endorsement upside – because, reluctantly, the journeyman crew has the songwriting goods.