Buku News: Migos, Little Dragon, Ski Mask the Slump God, and Boogie T

Migos play Buku’s Power Plant Stage tonight at 10 p.m. Migos understand that the important thing right now is to be present, and to that end the Atlanta rap trio dropped Culture II before Culture had a chance to go away. The title suggests that the album delivers more of the same, and because it is, Migos continue to pump singles into Billboard’s Top 100.

A Big Sound From a Small Pond

“You've gotta work hard to do well in Florida,” says Roadkill Ghost Choir frontman Andy Shepard. “It's a strange place to be a band. People are kind of weird about music,” he says. “Sometimes they're just waiting for the band to stop so the DJ can start.” Roadkill Ghost Choir hails from DeLand, Florida, a small town between Daytona Beach and Orlando. Shepard is the pen in the band, and despite the attendant boredom of a little hometown finds himself grateful for the solitude when it comes to writing lyrics.