Erin McKeown Works Big and Small

When Erin McKeown realized that her career had found its level, she was able to move forward into one of her most creative periods. She’s had stretches that got the kind of attention that could take her to another level—whatever that means—but indie singer/songwriters only get so big. Big enough to tour, but not with their bands. Big enough to tour, but not to get mailbox money. It took time to make peace with that cold truth, even though she long suspected it.

McKeown, Maddow Bring Us "Baghdad to the Bayou"

[Updated] Singer Erin McKeown has twice visited New Orleans as part of Air Traffic Control's activism retreats. Through those visits, she connected to the Gulf Restoration Network and the issues connected to the oil spilled in the Gulf of Mexico. Recently, she and MSNBC's Rachel Maddow collaborated on a new song, "Baghdad to the Bayou," which they wrote by swapping text messages.