Buku News: AF The Naysayer's "Parts Act 1" Reflects His Life and Times

I first interviewed AF the Naysayer in 2015 after the release of The Autodidact Instrumentals Vol. 1. The album/long EP collected tracks that began life as songs to accompany a Baton Rouge rapper, but when the project fell apart, the pieces got the opportunity to stand on their own. They had the living, breathing pocket of a J. Dilla song—an influence, AF says—and the sonic language of ’80s.

You and Your Shadow

DJ Shadow's Endtroducing presented a new way to think about DJs in 1996 as he liberated samples from their support roles for emcees and used them to construct trippy, soulful compositions with a groove. Since then, his career has helped make way for the EDM explosion of the last few years, though he is definitely a DJ. Shadow is tour now in support of Reconstructed: The Best of DJ Shadow (the regular version and the limited edition box set).