The Fourth B in Boudin, Bourbon and Beer is Blood

The Emeril Lagasse Foundation’s Boudin, Bourbon and Beer pays off in a way that a lot of sample-oriented food events don’t. Similar events often present wax paper boats of mass produced food that is pleasant but uninspiring. At Boudin, Bourbon and Beer, the chefs show a genuine sense of adventure and play, and their staffs and helpers—often culinary students—seem to be having a good time. The resulting vibe is fun and the food is often satisfying.

Boudin and Emeril Everywhere

[Updated] Fans of celebrity chefs--whether nationally or locally famous--were made happy Friday night when two tents' worth of chefs from around the South participated in the Emeril Lagasse Foundation's Boudin, Bourbon, and Beer, which had grown big enough to move easily into Champions Square. The event is one of the foundation's two fundraisers, along with Carnivale du Vin, which took place Saturday night. 

The Truck Starts Here

[Updated] In the kitchen classroom at New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts (NOCCA), two students are busy. They’re experimenting with waffles, trying out a new batter recipe. NOCCA has acquired a food truck, and within a month the culinary arts program hopes to have it in operation. Right now, the truck is being retrofitted with the necessary equipment, and the students are test driving recipes and menus.

Another New Orleanian Wins Food Network's "Chopped"

[Updated] Food Network's Chopped challenges chefs to craft dishes out of ingredients as disparate as grapefruit, taro root, beets and gummi bears, and evidently cooking in New Orleans is good training for the required creativity and craft. Tuesday night, Tabb Singleton, sous chef at NOLA in the French Quarter, joined Ms.