Tav Falco Tries on Christmas This Year

[Update] Those who know Tav Falco know for either Panther Burns’ blind-man-with-a-flare-gun approach to rockabilly and American roots music, or they know him as the tango guy. The latter is a trickier stance to get a grip on because his edge, if he has one, isn’t obvious. Maybe his tongue is every so delicately in his cheek, but he might really be serious too.

Sallie Ford Says It Straight

Portland-based rock act Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside has a frontwoman who tells it like it is. She writes rock ‘n’ roll music that is peppered with sarcasm and anger, innuendos and not-so-subtle confessions. “There are some naughty songs on the record,” Ford says, laughing. “Most of the time, I just end up being really blunt.” Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside play One Eyed Jacks on Sunday night.

The Christmas Express in Song

[NSFW] On Friday, The Howlin' Wolf hosts the NOLA Polar Express, a benefit to help make sure that children at Ocshner and Children's Hospital have a Merry Christmas. Local indie rock bands will play on the Wolf's main stage and in the Den, and since some of the bands will play their versions of Christmas songs, My Spilt Milk asked them about their background with Christmas music.