Phantogram's Film Noir

“Last night I was up until 10 o'clock this morning working on a song," says Josh Carter, one half of electro-rock duo Phantogram. “On the bus I worked from midnight til 10 am, then slept for a couple hours. I feel more creative at night. Something sparks in my head. I’ve always been kind of a night owl. It’s how operate. Things just start to click at night.” 

Sundog Gets "Superstitious" in His New Video

In the fall of 2012, indie electronic artist Sundog was one of the local musicians who participated in the conceptual art installation, Never Records. As a result of it, he ended up with a vinyl copy of a song he cut in one take in the faux record store’s studio. He recently finished his new album, Space Criminal, and we’re pleased to debut the first video from it, a live version of “Superstitious” from the album that reveals his process.