Voodoo News: My Spilt Milk on Voodoo 2015

[Updated] The Voodoo Music and Arts Experience starts Friday in City Park, and it’s hard to imagine anyone is covering it more completely than My Spilt Milk. We started last week with new music from Le Plur artist Nina Las Vegas’ NLV label and a Voodoo preview playlist. We’ve got stories and interviews planned for the rest of the week, and we’ll have daily reviews as well.

Hildegard Does Everything at Once

Genre-defying music often feels forced, or it comes with the nagging suspicion that trade-offs were made, and not for the better. With Hildegard, it seems like Sasha Masakowski and Cliff Hines have made an effort to fold as much music that they like as possible into one project. They specifically explore the place where jazz, prog rock, and EDM meet with Hildegard, but other influences subtly show up as well.