Robert DeLong is Electronic Music's Much Needed One-Man Band

Robert DeLong is convinced that making that music to move somebody is “really all that matters.” The 28-year-old producer is committed to injecting soul and improvisation into electronic dance music, a genre that has recently been overrun by money-hungry, cookie-cutter producers and DJs. DeLong will be playing in New Orleans on Friday, March 13 at Buku.

PANTyRAiD Will See the Dessert Menu

There's a moment on every first date where the momentum shifts. Awkward either pulls up a chair and tucks a napkin in its collar, or is magically dispelled by good conversation and a well-timed cocktail. That hinge, where things bend one way or the other, that's the place PANTyRAiD waits for. Having asked all the right (or at least interesting) questions, laughed just long enough, but not too long, and kept their elbows off the table, their charm is hard to resist. Dessert is on its way by the time they drop the beat.