Carsie Blanton Considers Infinite Options

It’s not clear that the world needed another female vocalist singing jazz standards, and it’s really unclear that New Orleans was underserved in that department. That didn’t stop Carsie Blanton, though. The singer/songwriter by trade will play a CD-release party Sunday night at Cafe Istanbul in honor of Not Old, Not New, singing songs by the masters of the Great American Songbook.

Payton's Starting a Thunderclap

I don't get usually involved in genre-definition conversations, partly because when asked what they make, most musicians will say "music" instead of identifying a genre. Ultimately, it becomes a question of values as people decide what characteristics are crucial to a genre. When I was at OffBeat and Gambit, genre decisions got heated when it came time to decide what artist belongs in what category. What's Bonerama? Where does Anders belong?