The Dick Dale Chronicles: Preventing Crispy Critters

Today Dick Dale concludes his 65-minute monologue in a crustier mood. He has been talking non-stop for 45 minutes, and his attention turns first to unprepared journalists who don’t read the four emails of stories about Dale sent my his wife Lana. They’re not links to stories; they contain stories that have been cut and pasted into the email—stories with no obvious sources, and one with a byline that is only initials.

Last Night: The Drummer's Pet Peeve

Drummers keep time because it's their role, not their job. Ask a drummer and he or she will tell you - keeping time is everybody's job. When Two Gallants played One Eyed Jacks last night, drummer Tyson Vogel didn't keep time. Adam Stephens guitar and vocal kept the songs steady, but Vogel's drums assumed the role of the lead guitar, accenting and punctuating lines and thoughts. He pushed the energy, then stopped with Stephens to let a lyric be heard before crashing back into the drums.