Red Dress Runners Do it For the Friends

Mona, known to her friends as “Boner Lisa,” has a hobby that some might find strange.  Every week she joins her friends to run or walk along a trail of baking flour laid out on the ground ahead of time by someone called a “hare.”  Mona is a “hasher”—a member of the New Orleans Hash House Harriers—who has been hashing for the past 14 years, mainly because she enjoys the camaraderie of her fellow hashers. “It’s comfortable,” she says.

Tales of the Tales

How do you measure success? By the amount of ice you need? Which, if you're Tales of the Cocktail (TOTC), is 25,000 pounds. French Quarter Ice starts making ice for it in May.

By its impact? This year a bar in Washington, D.C. will close so that its staff can attend the tenth year of the annual celebration of the cocktail and cocktail culture. The event brought Tiki-drink expert Jeff "Beach Bum" Berry to New Orleans as a speaker, and now he lives here.