Jazz Fest: Sunday's Schedule and Picks

I have the highest hopes for today at Jazz Fest. With the exception of Janelle Monae, this first weekend has lacked musical urgency. Pearl Jam started and finished hot, but you had to be committed to get through the middle hour. Van Morrison wasn't a mess, but I'm not sure "electrifying" is in his vocabulary in 2016. Our highlights for today aren't all attention-grabbers, but they do reflect personal visions.

Jazz Fest: Saturday, April 25 at Jazz Fest

One of my measures of a Jazz Fest set is whether or not it holds me until the end. There is usually so much going on that I want to see that if I see a whole set, it means someone gave me a compelling reason not to move. Today, someone is going to have to be amazing because there are so many sets I hope to see at least part of.