The Dodos Aren't Sure

“I was so stressed,” recalls The Dodos' vocalist and guitarist Meric Long. On a lark, he DJ’d at a museum event in the band’s native San Francisco, “and did the worst thing you can do as a DJ, which is have the music cut out.” But watching the guests meander, Long saw attendees were more focused on the planetarium’s spinning space bodies than his own rotating records, “which made it okay because then I was like, ‘Okay, they’re obviously not paying attention.’”

The Dodos learn to grow

"I don't feel the change 'cause I'm living it all the time. It's been illustrated to me how much has changed." Logan Kroeber appreciates the outside-looking-in-perspective when it comes to his and Meric Long's brainchild, The Dodos. Being a part of the duo for the better part of a decade. Kroeber says he never knows how to answer questions about how his band has changed from album to album. "I have an answer that makes sense," he admits with a chuckle.