Nola Mix Drops an Anniversary Mix

Earlier this summer, we talked to DJ Yamin, Quickie Mart, and Tony Skratchere about NOLA Bounce Breaks, Vol. 1 at NOLA Mix Records. Yamin runs NOLA Mix, and the story ends with video of him scratching live with the bounce beats EP, showing off how it could be used. At the time of the story, the EP was almost sold out. Now, a limited edition colored vinyl in on sale as well.

African Rebel Music, 2016 Style

Leonard P. from Italy’s Voodoo Rebel record label spent a month in 2014 traveling through Senegal and Gambia to make field recordings of music, rituals, and ambient sounds. Then, he tasked DJs from around the world to create tracks from his source material, and the result is Senegambia Rebel—an album that uses the tools of dance music to make something that is ultimately trippy.

The Sound of Buku

Buku returns to Mardi Gras World Friday, March 11 for two nights, and late last week organizers posted the schedule, with Kid Cudi closing the Power Plant Stage Friday night and Pretty Lights' live band headlining Saturday. Both close the outdoor stage at 11 p.m., but the music continues on the two indoor stages until 1 a.m.

Tonight the Virtual Krewe of Vaporwave Makes its Virtual Debut

[Updated] As Carnival has calcified into the form it now takes with big-ass nightly spectacles starting on Wednesday, so have others worked to make it something smaller and more personal. Last weekend, ‘tit Rex and Chewbacchus were one manifestation of that impulse, and tonight the Virtual Krewe of Vaporwave is another. At 7 p.m., VKV will “parade” at and you'll be able to see the parade "pass" St. Charles and Napoleon at 7, St. Charles and Louisiana at 8, St.

Voodoo News: Carmine P. Filthy Plays to the Diehards

There was a time when a DJ made his name with exclusives—tracks (usually) he (sometimes she) had that no one else did that blew up the dance floor. DJs famously guarded those tracks to keep them a secret and their personal advantage. According to Carmine P. Filthy (with a Boy Named Ruth, Saturday, 2:50, Le Plur), those days are gone. A less-talked-about byproduct of the digital music revolution is that there is no scarcity.