Sleigh Bells Powercharm Republic During Carnival

Last Friday night, Sleigh Bells played Republic, and according to photographer Steph Catsoulis, the years in service and size of the room haven’t quieted the band at all. Five albums into its exploration of the place where heavy metal guitar, hip-hop drums, and high school cheers meet, Sleigh Bells stays true to its core values in concert, which translated to a very loud show.

Last Night: Sleigh Bells Get Loud

Sleigh Bells went onstage slightly after 10, and at 10:58 I was on the sidewalk outside the House of Blues, show over including encores. A show that short would usually be a reason for grumbling, but the crowd left seriously buzzed, and it's hard to imagine anyone seriously wanting more. With six Marshall cabinets per guitar and an army of lights trained on the audience, Sleigh Bells came hard at the audience in all the best ways.