Saint Rich learns to adapt

"To us, it doesn't really feel like starting a new project and pushing it out to sea. We're just experimenting with something different." Christian Peslak was talking about his band Saint Rich, but his insight is applicable to today's music scene. Peslak and bandmate Steve Marion first toured together under Marion's project Delicate Steve, planting Saint Rich's rock 'n' roll seed during a fated weekend stuck inside.

Delicate Steve Leaves His Room

Dave Alvin sat in an ant bed while talking to me on the phone. Victor Wooten hit a deer during our interview, and recently the string of calamity continued. "One of the guys in the van just opened a carbonated beverage all over himself," said Steve Marion during our interview. Marion is the principal voice behind Delicate Steve, and he was in a van on a tour that brings him to The Circle Bar tonight (presented by My Spilt Milk). So far, it has been a one-man project, but taking it on tour with a band may be changing that.