Cocktail Culture Met DJ Culture at This Year's "Tales"

During the recent Tales of the Cocktail, The New York Times’ Robert Simonson presented a seminar titled “The Cocktail Revolution in 50 Images,” which inadvertently hinted at how the conference/festival/schmooze fest itself has changed. The 50 pictures were largely portraits of people connected to milestones in the cocktail renaissance starting in 1977.

Sales of the Cocktail

In previous years at Tales of the Cocktail, I’ve heard stories of rogues worthy of Elmore Leonard. I’ve heard from someone who managed water and ice for a pop-up bar at Burning Man. This year, I listened to the argument that non-alcoholic is the new vegetarian, and that “the future of our business lies in non-alcoholic” (due in no small part to the high profit margin on NA drinks).