Exports Follow Sports & Leisure

Today, New Orleans rock band Exports debuted a new song, "Red Herring," through its Bandcamp page. It's the second song from the band the grew out the remnants of the dissolved rock band, Sports & Leisure. Today, the band introduces itself.

Who does what in Exports? 
Exports is comprised of:
Liz Burpee - lead vocals, keys
Scott Hannan - guitar, vocal harmonies
Jeremy Peres - guitar, violin, vocal harmonies
Whitney Brown - bass
Russell Shelton - drums

Big Rock Candy Mountain Sleeps in with "Sister Sun"

Time hasn't smoothed out Big Rock Candy Mountain's sense of musical adventure. On the new Brother Moon, they continue to flirt with prog rock gestures and uncommon song structures, all in an indie rock context. As a result, songs on the album move with the unpredictable daring of good prog, but with the pompousness replaced by a freak's love of tripping.