Voodoo News: Pell Finds Peace

In a hip-hop landscape that grows more turbulent by the minute, 25-year-old rapper Jared “Pell” Pellerin is surprisingly zen. A New Orleans native, he moved to Mississippi with his family after the storm, went to college there, returned home in 2014 for just over a year, and then shipped off to L.A., where he currently resides. But despite all this motion, he’s stayed grounded.

Pell is Feeling Awesome

In 2014, native New Orleanian Pell cut the properly named Floating While Dreaming. His combination of ethereal beats under lyrics that were largely about his inner life was unlike anything that came out of New Orleans, in part because Hurricane Katrina forced his mother to evacuate to Jackson, Mississippi, where he lived until he attended Mississippi State and got serious about performing.