Marshmello Keeps It Mello

Marshmello hides his identity on and off the stage. In public, he always wears a white marshmallow-shaped helmet to hide his face, much like Daft Punk or Deadmau5 do during their performances. He also wears all white from head to toe to better resemble an actual marshmallow. The surface of his white marshmallow-shaped helmet is covered with LED lights, which extends the light show to his head! The elements of mystery and 'cuteness' of the marshmallow costume made is meteoric rise viral.

Ben Sollee Makes Connections

"The thing that I don't enjoy is what we're pulling up to right now, which is when you just sit in traffic," cellist Ben Sollee says. He's driving in California on tour, and he enjoys the people watching and the wind farms, but it's not his preferred way of touring. The last time he played New Orleans, he was starting a bike tour of the Gulf South that he had to cut short in Pensacola.

The Sound of Future Past

For years, the implied promise of electronic music was that it was the sound of the future, from Walter/Wendy Carlos to Bruce Haack to Kraftwerk and beyond. The irony is how quickly visions and sounds of the future slide into a sort of retro futurism, and how easily a song's time period can be identified based on its electronic elements. Today, the sleek, icy, robotic textures of French EDM pioneers Daft Punk sound quaint next to the arena rock-scaled squiggles and groans of contemporary dubstep, and Earl Scioneaux III - The Madd Wikkid - heard a way to give them new life.