El Dusty Asks, "Por Qué Turn Down?"

[Updated] One of my favorite DJs this year has been Corpus Christi’s El Dusty. Last year, he remixed “Turn Down for What” with an accordion-led cumbia under Lil’ Jon’s shouting. His remix of Major Lazer’s “Too Original” was less surprising but equally banging, and he gave “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” by the late Latin pop star Selena a percussion-heavy remix without sacrificing the original’s breezy vibe.

The World Plugs In

I hoped that in Peru Boom: Bass, Bleeps and Bumps from Peru’s Electronic Underground, I’d found a Peruvian equivalent to bounce. On first listen, it was clear that I did and didn’t. The compilation presents a current, club-oriented, electronic expression of local culture, but it lacks the specific details we associate with bounce: emcees, crazy energy, and neighborhood focus.