Voodoo: Young Epic with Crazy Horse

Festivalgoers are accustomed to a fair amount of production to keep the live experience dynamic and visual, but Neil Young and Crazy Horse made due with a silhouette of an Indian on a horse. At Voodoo, they played on a stage big enough to land a plane, but Young, bassist Billy Talbot and guitarist Poncho Sampedro huddled so close together that they'd have fit in the Circle Bar if not for the amps.

Voodoo: Ask Neil

[Updated] Neil Young will headline the opening night of The Voodoo Experience Friday night, but he'll talk to you today at 2 p.m. Central on Twitter. All day Wednesday, Young will answer questions from fans addressed to @neilyoung with the hashtag #askneil. Young's new album, Psychedelic Pill, is due out on Tuesday after Voodoo, but starting today, listeners can stream it at NeilYoung.com. Here's a review.

Neil Young and Crazy Horse
Psychedelic Pill
(Warner Brothers)