Our Spilt Milk: Andy Shauf's Wintry "Skyline," the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen's "Tempest," and New BadBadNotGood

The semi-wintry temperatures must be taking effect because all I’ve been wanting to do lately is cocoon myself into a ball of blankets on the couch and sip a warm cup of tea. Thankfully, I’ve found the perfect music to preface a long nap: Canadian singer-songwriter Andy Shauf’s new concept album, The Neon Skyline, which came out last Friday. Shauf is a crafty storyteller.

Rob Guillory Prepares for the Last "Chew"

Lafayette comic book artist Rob Guillory thought he understood Chew when he drew the first issues in 2009. He thought he was telling a straightforward crime story with a main character who was a “cibopath”—someone who received psychic impressions from whatever he ate. He used his unusual gift to fight food-related crime as part of the FDA in a world where chickens are illegal after a catastrophic bird flu epidemic. 

The Walking Jughead

A year ago, I wrote about Afterlife with Archie and an episode that ended with Sabrina the Teenaged Witch about to become the bride of C'thulhu. It felt like a stunt to draw attention during the San Diego Comic Con to the series, which recasts the wholesome world of Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead as a grim, post-zombie apocalypse struggle. Still, there was enough to that issue--number six--that I went back and read the first five.

Sparks Nevada Now Rides the Comic Racks

“Here’s the problem with writing characters for ten years, as we’ve been doing with The Thrilling Adventure Hour: You fall in love.” Ben Acker and Ben Blacker, the writers and creators of the The Thrilling Adventure Hour podcast wrote these words in the liner notes accompanying Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars #0, the digital preview to the comic book adap

Who's Who, and Other Tales from Comic Con

What did we learn at the Wizard World Comic Con this weekend? Just how big Doctor Who is, for one thing. The presence of the most recent Doctor, Matt Smith, certainly helped to lure a legion of fans of all ages of British science fiction series to the Morial Convention Center, many dressed as one Doctor or another, the ones with good hair dressing like Smith.