Win Tickets to See Colin Jost

[Updated] Colin Jost is the head writer at Saturday Night Live, and he has been with the show since 2005. This season, he joined Cecily Strong as the co-anchor on "Weekend Update" after the departure of Seth Meyers. 

Though Jost is best known as a writer, he started as a stand-up comic, and he introduced himself nationally as a stand-up when he performed in 2012 on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Mike Birbiglia on the Power of Jokes

“Comedy is the thing that makes me feel closest to the people I feel closest to,” comedian Mike Birbiblia says, and it’s the glue that connects people who otherwise have little in common. “The other day I was at a bed & breakfast in Charleston and I struck up a conversation with this middle-aged guy who’s a banker in Dallas, someone I have little in common with,” he says. “When he found out I was a comedian, he told me a Ron White joke which is really funny.