Brian Regan Plays in the Dark

[Updated] In his most recent Comedy Central stand-up special, Brian Regan: Live from Radio City Music Hall, Brian Regan tells the story of working at an IHOP as a busboy when a customer complained about finding a hair in her salad. He doesn’t stop to wonder why someone was eating salad in a house of pancakes. Instead, he reflects on his own upbringing and the ravenous way he and his brothers ate, and how confused he is about her complaint.  

Tusk in a Box

The red-blooded American in me loves a box set. Who doesn’t want lots of stuff, particularly if it’s attractively packaged? But the specifics of a box set are the rub. If you’re a fan of the artist, you likely already have much of the material on the box. If you’re not, buying one is a pricey way into an artist. They also rarely hold up from end to end. There’s frequently a disc that presents the artist in process, or one that honors the later material that only diehard fans care about.

Hell Yes Fest is Cracking Up

The stereotype of stand-up comedians is that they’re neurotic messes. The game show structure behind Comedy Central’s @Midnight seems to heighten the stand-up contestants’ antic qualities, and NPR’s Linda Holmes affectionately described comedian Marc Maron as “an open wound”—a phrasing he might not choose but an emotional assessment he doesn’t deny.

Tonight Sean Patton, Kyle Kinane and Friends Get Serious

It’s hard to believe that New Orleans was once considered a dead zone for comedy. I’ve heard comics talk about the challenge of holding the attention of  drunken tourists (as if that’s all there is to New Orleans), but whatever the reason for the change, New Orleans now gets solid comedy shows on a very regular basis.