Last Night: alt-J Thinks Dirty and Acts Like It Doesn't

Amid thick smoke and red laser lights stood four men dressed in black button-downs, dour looks on their faces. A sold-out crowd at the Civic Theatre screamed the lyrics to "The Gospel of John Hurt," a song about Ridley Scott's 1979 film Alien, but the members of alt-J refused to give an inch, to let their bodies contort with the rumbling bass. They stoically sang the letters "E-X-T-I-N-C-T" and talked about civilians in space. The person next to me danced ecstatically.

Win Tickets to See Nick & Knight

Thanks to the Internet, nothing will go away, and there’s a community for every taste. Boy bands were once the object of mockery for anyone over 18, but their heyday came in the mid-‘90s and the 15 year-olds who loved them then are around 30 now. Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys and Jordan Knight of New Kids of the Block (even older!) toured together first as part of NKOTBSB, and they’ve recorded an album, Nick & Knight that has for the most part received gently favorable reviews.