Elizabeth Mitchell Finds the Sounding Joy in a Book

Some people grow up with an antipathy for Christmas music. Not Elizabeth Mitchell. As a kid, the children’s music artist liked the idea of a holiday that came with its own songs. “As a kid who loved to sing, I thought that was amazing,” she says. Today, she’s the sort of person who starts looking for Christmas music on the radio in November. “My daughter is the same; my husband definitely is not.”

Xmas not Christmas

Earlier this Christmas season, someone posted belligerently on Facebook that it's "Christmas," not "Xmas," that the holiday is celebrating the birth of Christ, but that we all need to respect his beliefs and not get into a fight. Putting aside the let's fight/not fight tone of that message, sometimes it is Xmas. It certainly is on The Madd Wikkid's new NSFW "Keep the X in Xmas," a new holiday mashup that's online now.

Silent Nights

This time of the year, bands aren't touring and even local musicians would rather be home with their families. As such, we have a short Milk Run this week. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours from My Spilt Milk.

Hip-Hop for the Holidays

Christmas music has had an age problem. The classic canon started in the '40s with the first mainstream, secular Christmas single - Bing Crosby's "White Christmas" - and it arguably ended with the British Invasion. After The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, songs about dancing around the Christmas tree seemed hopelessly uncool, so much so that few songs have entered the canon since then.