Water Park's Megan Simon Gives Humor a Voice

Comedian, musician, actress. Megan Simon is all three, and ever since high school, people have been well-aware of that. “The Yearbook staff came up to me and said, ‘Hey Megan, you won two superlatives and you have to pick one: ‘Most Likely to Win a Grammy’ and ‘Most Likely to Win an Oscar.’ I chose the Oscar,” she says.

Just Say Hell Yes

"Come up with a cool name like Hand Bomb, Water Park, The Language. These would also be cool band names."

For The New Movement Theater's Chris Trew, if your improv comedy troupe's name could be mistaken for that of a band on Secretly Canadian Records, you could be good. It's not a completely reliable tell, but it's accurate enough, and survey of the improv groups that will perform at this year's Hell Yes Fest in New Orleans reveals many such groups: CB Radio, Shipwrecked!, Personality Plus and The Green Team to name a few. 

Trew Stories

“I’m an expert at the sport of air sex,” Chris Trew announced by way of introduction when he appeared earlier this summer on America’s Got Talent. Then, while a slow jam played, the heavily bearded Trew licked and caressed a woman’s body, only there was no body there.