The Fourth B in Boudin, Bourbon and Beer is Blood

The Emeril Lagasse Foundation’s Boudin, Bourbon and Beer pays off in a way that a lot of sample-oriented food events don’t. Similar events often present wax paper boats of mass produced food that is pleasant but uninspiring. At Boudin, Bourbon and Beer, the chefs show a genuine sense of adventure and play, and their staffs and helpers—often culinary students—seem to be having a good time. The resulting vibe is fun and the food is often satisfying.

Experiments in Fine Dining

Nothing makes you appreciate the details of setting up a restaurant like setting one up week after week in unusual locations. When Dinner Lab hosted a dinner atop a CBD parking garage, they only realized as the sun started to set that the stairs they'd gone up and down all afternoon while setting up would be pitch black at night. A quick run for candles solved the problem and transformed an industrial space into something more intimate.