Carsie Blanton Considers Infinite Options

It’s not clear that the world needed another female vocalist singing jazz standards, and it’s really unclear that New Orleans was underserved in that department. That didn’t stop Carsie Blanton, though. The singer/songwriter by trade will play a CD-release party Sunday night at Cafe Istanbul in honor of Not Old, Not New, singing songs by the masters of the Great American Songbook.

Carsie Blanton's Got Backbone

Carsie Blanton introduces herself on her website. She shouldn't have to - she has three albums out dating back to 2005, but since she's new-ish to New Orleans, it serves a purpose:

I live in New Orleans, I’m from Luray, Virginia, and I lived for the last six years in Philadelphia. I am on tour for about half of each year. I love love. I blog about sex. I also love tattoos, jasmine tea, Vargas pinups, good books, and Lindy Hop. I am unschooled and happy about it.