Sultans of String Premiere "Himalayan Sleigh Ride"

The Christmas music business doesn’t wait for Halloween, much less Thanksgiving. Gwen Stefani, Cheap Trick, Hanson, and Lindsey Stirling have already released their Christmas albums, Stirling’s including a guest spot from Trombone Shorty. It seems premature, but history shows that the right release can do more business in the last three months of the year than many do with much larger windows.

Zachary Richard Rediscovers His Parents

Zachary Richard didn’t think it would work.

The Cajun musician and activist suffered a mild stroke in October 2010, and because of it he was paralyzed on his left side. A month before the stroke, he’d gone in for a physical and the doctor congratulated him on starting his 60s in such good shape, but it happened anyway. 

Thee Silver Mt. Zion Sidesteps the Spotlight

When buzz is capital in the indie music scene, it's hard for a band to simply exist without expectations. Those few artists who desire and manage to escape the spotlight usually see an inverse effect as mystery and anonymity outweighs buzz of any other kind. But for a band like Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra, or Thee Silver Mt. Zion, and sometimes just Silver Mt. Zion, staying right below the surface is just as liberating as breaking through or staying buried deep.

Boats Know What They're Talking About

Reviews of A Fairway Full of Miners reference the unusually high voice of the singer for Winnipeg's Boats. Even the band bio on Kill Rock Stars' website mentions "Mat Klachefsky’s bizarre vocal chords" - a voice that doesn't seem unusually high to me, certainly not for pop music. Boats' poppy indie rock is certainly eccentric, as song titles such as "Advice on Bioluminescent Bears" and "O Jumbotron" might suggest.