Last Night: Best Coast Charts its Emotional State

Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino’s songs occupy a very specific emotional and geographic space. The band’s name and surf pop sound evoke California, and she sings about a life in California that doesn’t live up to its promise but doesn’t suck either. She’s not bemoaning her beautiful trap as The Eagles did in “Hotel California,” nor does she sound angry and ripped off by what of the state’s legacy was left to her. Instead, Consentino’s lyrical life is defined by ambivalence and uncertainty.

Nicki Bluhm Longs for the Simpler Life

Nicki Bluhm is sitting in a Home Depot parking lot in Milwaukee. It’s noon and she and her band The Gramblers can’t park the tour bus in front of the venue for another three hours, so she has some time on her hands. “We’re probably going to hit up the Whole Foods,” she says. Days like this don’t happen often on tour, but when they pop up, she tries to do something normalizing—take a yoga class, go on a bike ride, play guitar in the park.