Jazz Fest: Feufollet Has New Musical Universes

Feufollet has grown up in the public eye. The Lafayette-based band began as young Cajun music prodigies, but as it's members have matured into their mid-20s, they’ve begun to question some of the things once taken as givens. “Cajun music can have a tendency to be very utilitarian,” Feufollet’s Chris Stafford said when I interviewed him for a New Orleans Advocate story last year.

Remembering Les Blank

On Sunday, filmmaker Les Blank died of bladder cancer at the age of 77. He spent formative years in New Orleans, and while a student at Tulane University, he learned what he didn't want to do - be a brain surgeon. It's where he also had experiences that would prove helpful in the future. In our 2010 conversation, he said: