Last Night: Bud Light Hotel in Wonderland

[Updated] New Orleans has always known how to party well, but last night the Bud Light Hotel hosted a Super Bowl party with an entirely different price tag, a party that would shock even the most experienced New Orleans partygoer. On any other Saturday night, one might find this kind of extravagance in New York City, Chicago or Los Angeles, but the Super Bowl has brought the wealthy and the famous to the South, along with their idea of a party.

Up in the Bud Light Hotel

There will be dancing girls in the windows, we're told. We're being walked through the Bud Light Hotel - the temporarily transformed Wyndham Hotel, which has been heavily decked out in Bud Light blue including a blue carpet instead of a red one that leads to a patio. Just days ago, it didn't exist; it was the guests' drive to the front door. The patio has a bar - naturally - seating, and windows where tonight and throughout the weekend, there will be dancers.