Xmas not Christmas

Earlier this Christmas season, someone posted belligerently on Facebook that it's "Christmas," not "Xmas," that the holiday is celebrating the birth of Christ, but that we all need to respect his beliefs and not get into a fight. Putting aside the let's fight/not fight tone of that message, sometimes it is Xmas. It certainly is on The Madd Wikkid's new NSFW "Keep the X in Xmas," a new holiday mashup that's online now.

Madd Wikkid at the Intersection

Under the name The Madd Wikkid, recording engineer Earl Scioneaux III has explored the place where technology and New Orleans music interact. Earlier this year, he released Brassft Punk, giving a brass band the challenge of remaking Daft Punk songs, and 2010's Electronola put some of the city's jazz and funk greats next to a host of techno beats. 

The Sound of Future Past

For years, the implied promise of electronic music was that it was the sound of the future, from Walter/Wendy Carlos to Bruce Haack to Kraftwerk and beyond. The irony is how quickly visions and sounds of the future slide into a sort of retro futurism, and how easily a song's time period can be identified based on its electronic elements. Today, the sleek, icy, robotic textures of French EDM pioneers Daft Punk sound quaint next to the arena rock-scaled squiggles and groans of contemporary dubstep, and Earl Scioneaux III - The Madd Wikkid - heard a way to give them new life.